Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart….


So, I recently watched the movie “Frozen” (a few times) and was blown away by the good news it contained! It was truly the Gospel in Disney form! lol… I love how the bad things that happened weren’t a result of evil, but of fear! Hate and evil are not the opposite of love- Fear is! What if evil and sin were never the real issue?? God created the world and said that it was “good.” He never created evil. What if evil is just the twisted result of our own fear? What if Jesus came, not to defeat evil and give us a second chance at choosing good, but to destroy fear….the fear of God, by revealing how very good God is, and the fear of our mistakes by revealing our perfection in Him! In his act of true love, at the cross, he broke the curse of fear! You don’t have to be afraid any more!!! He really loves us, and his love heals everything and sets everything right!!! You can be who you were made to be- Love, just like your Papa! Hahahaha!! Lotta glory on princesses and true love….


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